A pundit asserts that Donald Trump will ENDORSE Ron DeSantis in order to escape being indicted

A leftist analyst has asserted that Donald Trump will back Ron DeSantis if the Florida governor defeats him for the 2024 Republican nomination in order to receive legal immunity.

New York magazine journalist Jonathan Chait predicts Donald Trump (left) will endorse Ron DeSantis (right) if the Florida governor beats him to the 2024 presidential nomination (Trump and DeSantis are pictured together in November 2019


Jonathan Chait, writing in New York magazine, presented an intriguing counterpoint to the commonly held belief that the former president will strive to split and destroy the Republican party if he is not selected to run for president.

Chait explained, “What interests would Trump and DeSantis share? DeSantis might grant Trump legal protection in the form of pardons or immunity from further prosecution.

The former president is presently the subject of various criminal investigations, but he denies any misconduct and has not been charged with any crimes.

DeSantis could offer Trump protection from any charges resulting in the FBI’s raid of his Mar-a-Lago country club, which resulted in the discovery of classified documents that should never have been removed from federal government property, it is claimed

In August, FBI investigators searched Trump’s Mar-a-Lago country club in West Palm Beach, Florida amid allegations that he improperly stored secret documents there.

The Department of Justice is reportedly now investigating Trump’s suspected role in inciting the January 6 rioting.

It was reported on Wednesday that former Vice President Mike Pence is considering assisting the Department of Justice with its investigations.

Journalist Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine says that Donald Trump (left) would back Ron DeSantis (right) if the Florida governor defeats him for the 2024 presidential nomination (Trump and DeSantis are pictured together in November 2019)

Trump is also the subject of an investigation into his tax problems in New York, and he just failed in his final effort to block prosecutors from getting his tax returns.

DeSantis could also offer Trump protection from prosecution over the January 6 riots. The Department of Justice is on the verge of probing Trump’s involvement 

Despite the fact that Trump and DeSantis have clashed in recent weeks, Chait argued that Trump is ultimately a pragmatist who would act in his own best interests.

He emphasized DeSantis’ impressive fundraising abilities and said that Trump may be seeking a substantial cash payoff in exchange for supporting DeSantis.

And while ties between Trump and DeSantis, two former buddies, are now icy, Chait claims there is historical record of Trump reconciling with sworn adversaries.

He uses Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio as examples. Both candidates for the 2016 presidential nomination battled with Trump.

Trump once said Cruz’s wife Heidi was unattractive, but the two have since reconciled, with Texas Senator Ted Cruz now being a fervent Trump supporter.

It is said that DeSantis might provide Trump immunity from any charges stemming from the FBI’s raid of his Mar-a-Lago country club, which led to the finding of secret information that should never have been taken from federal property.

DeSantis might potentially provide Trump with legal immunity for the January 6 rioting. The Department of Justice is about to investigate Trump’s role.

Chait also stated that Trump would always despise Joe Biden more than Ron DeSantis, and that he will gladly support DeSantis in order to kill Biden’s 2024 re-election ambitions.

After last month’s midterm elections, DeSantis is the golden boy of the Republican Party.

He gained re-election in Florida by 20 points and looks to have transformed a once-purple state into a reddish-brown one.

Many Republicans view the governor, who is only 45 years old, as a potential presidential contender who can advance Trump’s agenda without his controversial attitude.

Many Trump supporters did shockingly poorly in the midterm elections, signaling that the ex-support president’s may be waning.

In an attempt to motivate voters, they, like DeSantis, exacerbated culture war tensions around race and gender.

But it was likely DeSantis’ track record as a competent lawmaker – his management of Hurricane Ian and COVID lockdowns were both praised – that bolstered his position in the Sunshine State.

In 2024, DeSantis is likewise largely considered as a nightmare candidate for the Democratic Party.

Trump’s nomination would bring people who despise the previous president back to the polls in droves to vote against him, which might result in another Democratic victory.

However, DeSantis lacks this burden. He is also considerably younger and more articulate than Biden.

Trump declared his candidacy for 2024 last week, although DeSantis has made no such announcement.

He is not required to declare his candidacy until considerably closer to election day and will likely wait as long as possible.

Some Republicans have argued that DeSantis should allow Trump to run unopposed for the White House in 2024 and then run again in 2028.

Others, though, caution that he may then lack his current momentum